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2018 fall schedule

Mission Team
By invitation only
Time              Unlimited
$180 per month


Being on Mission Team is like being a founding member of a high-tech aerospace startup. We run things like a separate business within Robo Dojo. We even open the books and involve students in purchasing and budgetary decisions. Every project we complete brings us closer to our stated mission of reducing the cost of building and testing satellite systems by a factor of 20. We believe this is not only feasible, but doable within 10 years.

The first hour of each session is spent learning high-value skills in areas such as 3D modeling, radio operations, launch event readiness, and advanced programming. Our second hour is spent working on mission-oriented projects such as SatNOGs. SatNOGs is an open network of satellite ground stations. Feel free to check them out at Once we pass the two-hour mark, students are encouraged to work on projects of their own design. One current such project is Furbenstein. We have a student completely obsessed with joining a Furby with Amazon’s Alexa.

The key to Mission Team success is to help each student find an area within our mission they naturally fixate on. And then to give them all the support we can muster. Our real goal here is to get our students ready to become successful entrepreneurs and inventors. We already have two students who’ve started their first small businesses.


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